Friday, December 13, 2013

Spa Days

I had a wonderful day out
yesterday at a fantastic Spa In Manchester . Having already pre-booked 2 treatments, Time for me deluxe package ( containing a Swedish Full Body Massage, OPI Pedicure, OPI Manicure and a Customised Dermalogica Facial) and an eyebrow shape and tint, I was extremely excited for a full day of me time. On arrival I was greeted by the friendliest of staff that instantly make you feel relaxed. After being handed a robe, towel and slippers to lounge around in I relaxed by the ‘wet area’ and was handed a lovely glass of sparkling wine. Heaven!!! After about 20 minutes I was taken through to start my treatments. The massage and facial were first and were nothing but luxury. I came out feeling all smooth, buffed and not a slight bit of dry skin or tense muscle in sight. Onto the pedicure and manicure next. My nails aren’t the best so I opted for a simple file and polish which finished off the treatments perfectly. Finally came the brow shape and tint which were performed pain free and again in a totally relaxing way. Top to toe pamper complete I headed for the spa to enjoy the final hour of relax time and to finish off the day before heading back to my manic life.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Relax in front of the fire

Well the winter night’s are certainly setting in now. Looking outside of the windows you can see frost glittering on the pavements and roof tops. It looks lovely when your all nice and cosy in your house’ s looking outside, log fires roaring away. It feels like something from a movie except for that old tatty rug I kept looking at. This year I decided to make the change to a more luxurious rug. Me being me however (well I suppose all women would be like this) had to do my research on the best quality rug I could find. There are so many styles of rug out there from whisper rugs, Plush rugs, rocky rugs, tutti frutti rugs, taj agra platinum rugs, shetland rugs, splendour shazam rugs to finally the one that would give me the movie affect I was after; The Shaggy Rug. Dating back to the swinging sixties Shaggy rugs are back with avengence. Traditionally shaggy rugs were handmade on a loom or shuttle loom on a hand operated loom however technology has progressed and they are machine made which means they dont have to break the bank balance!! After extensive searching to find my perfect rug (and ofcourse one that would match my decore) I finally found a whole range of marvlous Shaggy Rugs online. Tonight Im going to sit in front of the fire, on my new rug, with a cup of hot chocolate and have my perfect night like you see in the movies.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How about Botox?

Botox is actually a neurotoxin that is widely being used by plastic surgeons to smooth frown lines. It can relax facial lines to a maximum of only three to four months. It is an effective solution to wrinkles such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, and forehead creases but the treatment is short term and might call for regular trips to the doctor. Some individuals should not have Botox treatment if the evidence of aging on their face aren’t that serious anyway.

My girlfriends and I have been discussing about the possible means to keep a youthful appearance. There are many means to look more youthful and one widely used procedure at the moment is the Botox treatment. Okay, being a beautician implies that I have to look great for my customers but it is very difficult to stay looking youthful in these stressful times.

Several years back, I believed I was way too young to go through Botox but the doctor explained age facial lines start to appear at the age of twenty-five. Right after that age, anyone may go through the treatment. Of course, you need to bear some tests to find out if you are in good physical shape for the treatment. The good thing is the fact that I am heading to a trusted clinic that has held an excellent reputation all those years. I have not heard of anything negative about them. Take a look at Botox Manchester

Now, Botox treatment isn’t actually painful but if you’re somebody who is scared of needles, you have to know that Botox is applied using a syringe. However, a numbing solution applied on the part where the medicine will be applied makes the pain at bay. I only sensed a little bit of a sting but absolutely nothing major. This is definitely a quick treatment since no incision is being made. I recall staying in the Botox room for less than twenty minutes. I forgot how many pricks I received but those were really lots of injections around my eyes, on my forehead, and between my eyebrows.

I didn’t experience the results instantly since it took about a week right before I could actually notice my lines and wrinkles getting less obvious. Then after about 2 weeks after the treatment, all the lines and wrinkles were gone. I don’t have unsightly creases when I raise my eyebrows and smile. Also, my weary eyelids seemed to have been refreshed. It has been like magic.

If ever you are worried about the side effects of Botox, consult your doctor. I had a headache one day after the procedure but it disappeared the very next day. Little by little, my forehead felt stiff and it was indeed tough to frown or raise my brows. That can be the effect of the treatment. The protein compound impairs the muscles for some time. Following my initial treatment, the experience of being not able to work my face muscles gave me some fear but I got over it. In return, I looked fresher and younger.

Of course, the effects were short-term. About 3 months later, the treatment was already wearing off. I was able to make facial expressions by then. I contacted my doctor about this and she said that I may return to the clinic so my face could be checked. My doctor explained I have to wait one more month for the lines and wrinkles to get evident again.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


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